The establishment of  the postgraduate program at Universitas Tarumanagara in 1992 was based on the market demand of their magister needs. This demand was welcomed because Universitas Tarumanagara has produced thousands of qualified graduate students in bachelor program and has plenty of qualified lecturers, especially at Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Law. Regarding those things, in 1992, Universitas Tarumanagara established their own Magister of Law, and in 1993 Magister of Management and Magister of Civil Engineering has been also opened.

Based on market demand who anticipate the needs of Engineering Doctoral program and the supporting qualified and potential engineering lecturers, in 2001, Tarumanagara has opened their Doctoral Program of Civil Engineering. In 2004, with a rapid development, the postgraduate program has opened the Magister of  City and Real Estate Development.

The curriculum in all of our postgraduate study programs has been designed effectively and efficiently with a high quality driven in their syllabus discussion, with their own designed development. The study in postgraduate programs was held in such a short time, minimal 16 months in finishing the magister program with 36 sks minimal is kind of the other  privilege.

Each subject of study is guided by qualified lecturers and the lecture will be held either in meetings or discussion in evening only and morning Saturday.

All of the study programs in postgraduate program has achieved their accreditation from Indonesia’s National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) with ‘A’ accreditation (excellent acclaim) for Magister of Civil Engineering Study Program, and  with ‘B’ accreditation for Magister of  Management Study Program, Magister of  City and Real Estate Development Study Program, Doctor of  Civil Engineering Study Program.

Most of the students of postgraduate are the people from executive and manager position in a company either in public or government. At the end, it will become a media for students who haven’t start their career to get practical experiences in real and even get started their career from their friends.