Director’s Welcome Speech

Welcome to the postgraduate program at Universitas Tarumanagara.

The Postgraduate Program at Universitas Tarumanagara invites all those who are interested in studying a magister and doctoral program to become part of our dynamic and unique study environment. The objective of the Tarumanagara Postgraduate Program is to be a postgraduate program unit which is distinguished and excellent in education, research, community service, as well as in global knowledge.

Postgraduate study is very important to support the success in both academics and the professional world. Magister and doctoral study programs in Universitas Tarumanagara postgraduate program, are designed to enhance and deepen one’s knowledge and skills, leadership qualities, share academic perspectives, and advance one’s career.

As a student of the postgraduate program, you will have a chance to learn what you have been learning in the Bachelor program at a deeper level and in much more detail. A student in the magister and doctoral program at Tarumanagara postgraduate program would receive a qualified education experience, obtain knowledge development enhancement, and also learn about the concerns in the environment and society. The student will be lead by their competent lecturers to be able to conduct research which is beneficial to knowledge development and society and also compile qualified scientific research and study.

Warm Regards,


Director of the Postgraduate Program

Universitas Tarumanagara