DEA Claims Synthetic THC is Safer Than Authentic Cannabis

DEA Claims Synthetic THC is Safer Than Authentic Cannabis

Earlier in the day, an article has been written by us about synthetic cannabis therefore the risks it poses to your wellbeing.

But, it would appear that the usa Drug Enforcement Administration will not concur.

The DEA has just lately announced it is giving Schedule II status to a synthetic THC medication produced by controversial pharmaceutical company Insys Therapeutics. This definitely places synthetic THC in a definitely better category than authentic cannabis as well as its different authentic elements such as CBD.

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To remember, the DEA has previously formally categorized CBD and all other marijuana extracts as Schedule we substances. This means the DEA considers authentic cannabis in every its kinds as having no medicinal value and achieving a high possibility of punishment. It really is, therefore, unlawful under federal legislation.

Meanwhile, here comes the synthetic drug that is THC called Syndros, that will be considered safer compared to genuine thing.

So what does this entail?

The category of Syndros being a Schedule II managed substance means that physicians from about the nation can prescribe the drug legally.